Abstract New York City Art Print - Seascape, City Panorama

Abstract New York City

Abstract New York City

Brian Carter

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Abstract style American major cities and districts artworks on canvas - New York City painting on canvas by an American painter Brian Carter - Orange, violet, yellow, blue and red tones hand painted original art - New York City skyscrapers and famous buildings abstraction - A view of New York City Manhattan region district from the sea - Seascape, city panorama, night vision, city lights on canvas painting art - US major cities and states canvas artworks - USA symbol city images and pictures - Big Apple New York NYC Manhattan art - National pride and freedom symbols of the country - I love New York, United States of America, American cities, liberal life and freedom spirit - Handmade painting of New York City skyscrapers, buildings, sea and the Midtown Manhattan night skyline panorama.

Black & White Empire State Building Postcard

The Empire State Building (1931), Fifth Ave. at 33rd and 34th Sts., by Shreve, Lamb and Harmon, is the tallest building in the world: 1, 250 feet. Fifty-mile panorama can be viewed from its tower.

New York - New York City - Points of Interest

New York City - Black & White New York City Skyline Panorama - Black & White New York City - Manhattan Financial District Skyscrapers Digital Art Image

Black & White Poster of Construction Workers - RCA Building at Rockefeller Center

Construction Workers Take a Lunch Break on a Steel Beam Atop the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center

Construction Workers Take a Lunch Break on a Steel Beam Atop the RCA Building at Rockefeller Center

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Rockefeller Center, between Fifth and Sixth Aves., 48th and 51st Sts., by Reinhard and Hofmeister, Corbett, Harrison and MacMurray, and Hood and Fouilhoux, comprises 14 buildings upsurging from a base of 12 land acres. The RCA Building is the tallest (850 ft., 70 stories) in the group. Four buildings are used as Fifth Ave. showcases for foreign nations: the British Empire Building, La Maison Fran├žaise, Palazzo d'Italia, and the International Building East. Behind the last two rises the second International Building. The Time and Life Building, the Associated Press Building, and 30 Rockefeller Plaza (RCA Building Tower) surround the Plaza. The Fifth Avenue entrance is the most impressive. The Channel slopes from the avenue down to a flight of steps leading to the Sunken Plaza with series of fountains and other decorations.

The twelve buildings of Rockefeller Center constitute not only a vast skyscraper group but an organized city. The group, said to be the largest ever undertaken by private enterprise, represents the belated culmination of the boom of the 1920's.

Covering twelve land acres in the fashionable mid-town shopping district, the project includes a vast skyscraper office center, a shopping center, an exhibition center, and a radio and amusement center. The western front, along Sixth Avenue, is made up of buildings devoted primarily to entertainment: the RKO Building and the adjoining Radio City Music Hall, the National Broadcasting Company's extension of the seventy-story RCA Building, and the Center Theater. The name "Radio City," which is often incorrectly applied to all of Rockefeller Center, properly designates only this western portion.

New York City Case Savvy iPad Mini Glossy Finish Case

The average New Yorker, conditioned to crowds, speed, Wall Street, even violent death, takes his city for granted. The visitor approaching the city sees spread before him one of the most congested habitations of men on earth, the lofty towers of Manhattan marking the apex of a vast jungle of structures in which men work, sleep, eat, play. Little more than three centuries has sufficed for the building of this gigantic city. The miracle of its upsurge since the turn of the present century makes it a dynamic expression of American civilization. In that sense New York is America.

Two events were of decisive importance in this development: the opening of the Erie Canal in 1825, and the creation, under State charter, of Greater New York in 1898. The former established the commercial supremacy of New York—a position thenceforth never threatened—over the rival ports of Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and made the city the great gateway for European immigration. The creation of Greater New York brought into the city's jurisdiction not only areas as densely settled as lower Brooklyn, but also forests, farms, and marshes—a huge area for further expansion.

Most New Yorkers do not own their own homes; they rent apartments, and move about almost as freely as tent-dwellers. Population shifts in recent years have made Brooklyn the most populous borough, with the Bronx rapidly rising to challenge that primacy. Manhattan—the commercial, industrial, financial, and amusement center—is decreasing in population.

The city is a cluster of ethnic groups. Definite foreign colonies exist, but the lines are constantly shifting; and with the passing of the years, especially since drastic restrictions have been imposed on immigration, many Old World customs have been lost. On the other hand, much that has come to be considered peculiarly American is the direct contribution of these latter-day citizens. The Negroes are in some ways the most American of all.

New York is one of the greatest centers of museums in the world. Among the best known are the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Washington Heights group, the Museum of Modern Art, and the New York Museum of Science and Industry.

New York City's contribution to the growth of the arts in America has been the provision of a market place and a critical audience for the artist's products. New York is the great center of the Nation's publishing industry. Relatively few of America's artists have been New Yorkers, but since the middle of the nineteenth century they have constantly sought out the book and music publishers, the periodicals, the newspapers, the stage, the art galleries, and the studios of Manhattan.

The city's tempo; its racy vernacular, its endless variety, its wilderness of brick and steel, and its tumultuous humanity have provided a rich reservoir for creative artists. The multitude and magnitude of its skyscrapers constitute New York City's one great contribution to architecture.

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New York City, chartered in 1898, consists of five boroughs, each also a county: Manhattan (New York County), the Bronx (Bronx County), Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens (Queens County), and Richmond, or Staten Island ( Richmond County). Manhattan, the original New York City, founded 1626, is an island; population 1,537,195, area 22.20 square miles. Brooklyn (settled 1636), on Long Island was formerly an independent city; population 2,465,326, area 80.95 square miles. The Bronx (settled 1641) is on the mainland north of Manhattan; population 1,357,589, area 41.41 square miles. Queens (settled about 1635) is on Long Island; population 2,229,379, area 121.12 square miles. Staten Island (settled about 1638) is in the southwest corner of New York Bay; population 470,000, area 57.15 square miles.

The metropolitan area of New York City is the district within a radius of approximately 40 miles of City Hall and includes parts of New Jersey, Westchester County (N.Y.), Connecticut, and Long Island. The Port of New York, one of the largest in the world, and served by more than 300 motor truck lines and 100 trunkline railroads, embraces the area within a 25-mile radius of the Statue of Liberty with an approximate population of 18,000,000.

The port is fringed by 771 miles of shore line. Along the more than 578 miles within the city limits are 1,800 piers, wharves, and bulk-heads. The North (Hudson) River water front of Manhattan, the most intensively developed, is bordered with the piers of the great transatlantic and South American shipping companies. On the Brooklyn water front are hundreds of large industrial plants, warehouses, and extensive drydocking and ship repair facilities; Bush Terminal is one of the largest docking, storage, and industrial developments in the world. On Staten Island is the only free port zone in the United States.

Black & White Basketball iPhone 5 Cover

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Annual Kentucky Derby Art Print - Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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Kentucky (the Blue Grass State) has many old communities, including Bardstown, Versailles and Washington. Shakerstown, originally settled by the United Society of Believers, the 'Shakers' is intersting to visit. In the western part of the state the land is flat, rising to gently rolling country in the center (the famous Blue Grass Region); the southeastern part is wooded and mountanious. In most of the state, winters are not to severe but the summer monthsare hot. Heavy rainfall is the rule throughout the state, with somewhat less during the fall months.
Principal prodcts are coal, oil, furniture, lumber, shoes, alcoolic beverages, hemp and asphalt. Agricultural products (tobacco, corn, hay) and cattle and horse raising are important.
Leading cities are Louisville, Covington, Lexington, Owensboro, Paducah and Frankfort (the capital). One of the state's leading tourist attractions is the Mammoth Cave National Park; other cave districts are found near Cave City, Horse Cave and Park City. Kentuck is known for its good fishing, particularly at Lake Cumberland and Herrington Lake. Visitors to Lexington would probably enjy seeing one of the famous throughbred horse farms located in the area (usually permitted on weekdays 9-4). The annual Kentucky Derby, run at Churchill Downs, is an internationally famous racing event.