Annual Kentucky Derby Art Print - Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
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Kentucky (the Blue Grass State) has many old communities, including Bardstown, Versailles and Washington. Shakerstown, originally settled by the United Society of Believers, the 'Shakers' is intersting to visit. In the western part of the state the land is flat, rising to gently rolling country in the center (the famous Blue Grass Region); the southeastern part is wooded and mountanious. In most of the state, winters are not to severe but the summer monthsare hot. Heavy rainfall is the rule throughout the state, with somewhat less during the fall months.
Principal prodcts are coal, oil, furniture, lumber, shoes, alcoolic beverages, hemp and asphalt. Agricultural products (tobacco, corn, hay) and cattle and horse raising are important.
Leading cities are Louisville, Covington, Lexington, Owensboro, Paducah and Frankfort (the capital). One of the state's leading tourist attractions is the Mammoth Cave National Park; other cave districts are found near Cave City, Horse Cave and Park City. Kentuck is known for its good fishing, particularly at Lake Cumberland and Herrington Lake. Visitors to Lexington would probably enjy seeing one of the famous throughbred horse farms located in the area (usually permitted on weekdays 9-4). The annual Kentucky Derby, run at Churchill Downs, is an internationally famous racing event.