Times Square New York Poster

Times Square- New York

Times Square- New York Poster
36 in. x 24 in.

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Visitors in New York must have often made this particular mistake, and occasionally a native, too. Strolling across town in the middle forties between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue in the daylight hours (visitors), or hasten across town on business (natives), they will stop suddenly in front of a large poster on the doors or walls of a theater announcing one of the hits of the season. The visitor in town will see the placard for the first time. The native whose business lies in the neighborhood may have passed that bill fifty times. On this occasion visitor or native stops, looks and decides to go in and buy a couple of seats.

He tries for the nearest door and finds it locked. This does not surprise him because of a familiar practice in all theaters. Out of hours they lock all but one of their many front doors and put in a small sign saying "Please Use Other Door"; which sign the customer usually overlooks, and is much tossed about from pillar to post before he finds an open door near the box office.

This time our potential customer finds all the doors locked. The hour is not too early for box-office trade and he is puzzled. Finally he looks at the poster again, and after some time he has the answer. He finds that he is standing in front of the Saratoga Theater but the smash hit advertised on the poster is running at the Pequot Theater three blocks away. The Saratoga Theater itself is closed twenty-four hours a day; and if the frustrated customer is one who has passed by that way often he may recall that the theater has been closed for months and even for years.

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