Chubby Business Card Templates For All Personal Needs

Clean white modern business card template. Large size personal profile card with simple plain bold text monogram. You can easily change all personal details on card as name, business address, web site, e-mail and telephone number. You can choose from different paper types and variety of card size as standard, chubby and skinny.
Dark grey background color with dark red stripe on the head of front size of card. Modern stylish plain monogram is eyecatching and attractive. Chubby size, great design modern profile card for all business needs.


Meliha Hizli said...

I purchased these cards for use as business cards for my new law firm, even though the website seems to promote them for mostly other uses. I cannot even tell you how many people have remarked about how great these cards are. The quality is incredible, both the paper stock and printing, and the size is just different enough from the normal business card so as to stand out without being obnoxious. Highly recommended. The printing on the cards is great. The colors are done just right and the red really snaps to get attention.

work 50percent said...

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