Clenched Fist Reggae Protest Poster with Jamaican Flag

Get Up-Stand Up For Your Rights

Get Up-Stand Up

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Jamaican flag is the symbol of freedom, social and personal rights with its red, yellow and green colors. Especially pop art works goes with this tradition for decades. It's not important the art work is classic or contemporary, the spirit and art tools are always same in this movement. Popular and best known character is Bob Marley. And reggae is the leader music movement for rigts and freedom all over the world.

It begans with 1960s in Jamaica and USA belong with European young freedom movements. 1968 is very important date for the revolution of youth and new generation in Europe, especially in Paris and France. It was a protest against past WWII and Vietnam War. It was the new age for young people and young thoughts. It was a new way of life with peace, brotherhood and freedom for sex. The common word was 'don't make war, make love'. There were hippies and The Beatles in UK, Bob Marley in Jamaica and Che Guevera in Bolivia as youth idols. Pop art was a way to expression this new era for world and humanity.

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