Humorous Keep Calm Posters - Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

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Keep Calm posters are very popular nowadays. The sentence of 'Keep Calm' are using with very creative, humorous and funny sentences in these posters. 'Keep Calm' became a part of our lives quickly. We see 'Keep Calm' posters on the walls everywhere; homes, restaurants, cafes, offices and other working places.

It was originally a war slogan from World War 2. British government produced millions of copies of this war propaganda poster. Originaly its slogan was: 'Keep Calm and Carry On.' It was used to protect struggle, resist and moral of the English people during the war years. These tough years leave a very artistic heritage to new decades. Originally the poster has the queen's crown image and the slogan 'Keep Calm and Carry On' on a very simple and elegant background to catch eys and attention of people on the streets. We don't especially known if this poster helped to resistance, but it became an art object and came to our times with its reputation.

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